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Prisoner and Family Help Associates

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String of Pearls - (The String of Pearls project is a group of people, some of whom have or have had a close relative in prison, who works closely with the Prison Advice & Care Trust to produce training materials and deliver training to raise awareness of what prisoners families experience and their support needs.

Unlock - The National Association of Reformed Offenders.

Prisoners' Family Helpline - The Prisoners Families Helpline is a free and confidential service for anyone who is affected by the imprisonment of a close family member or friend. The Helpline is a consortium of 3 organisations and co-ordinated by Action for Prisoners Families.

Prison Chat UK - We are an online community giving support to those who have a loved one inside the British prison system.

St.Giles Trust - The St Giles Trust works with offenders and other disadvantaged people to help them resettle through a range of projects which assist with housing, employment, education and training. It works directly in 20 prisons offering a peer prisoner support service and works with prisoners up to, on the day of and immediately after release to ensure that housing and appropriate support is in place during this time.

All organisations Please get in touch as we may be able to offer a perfect solution with regards to prisoners receiving more information about you and your associates.