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Name and Bank Change

July 1, 2021

From 1st July 2021 the bank details for overseas payments has changed, so please take note of the new details when choosing this option to add credit. From this date Postal Orders and cheques are to be made out to Unilink Software Ltd.

NPS Users

April 14, 2021

For NPS users requiring an account, please request an EMaP account via the NPS IT Portal. This includes any previous CRC users who have existing accounts.


Choosing Your Recipient

Feb. 10, 2021

Due to an update on our system, the way to add your recipient has changed.

You will be unable to add a new recipient's details when you are composing the email. You will need to go to ‘My Recipients’ and add them under the ‘Add a New Recipient’ tab.

When you go to ‘Write New Message’, you will then be able to choose the recipient from the drop down box.


Jan. 21, 2021

We have been advised by HMPPS that all emailaprisoner messages sent by legal organisations to establishments in England and Wales should have ‘NOT RULE 39’ written on the first line, above the message. This should stop any confusion arising from the messages being incorrectly classed as privileged and prevented from being forwarded to the  recipient.



Covid-19 Support and Preparedness

March 18, 2020

This message is to inform you of the actions taken by Unilink to provide customer support and

services during the period of the Covid-19 emergency.

First, the safety and well-being of everyone involved in our business, whether directly employed or

otherwise, is my and the Unilink management team’s number one priority. Hence, we have effected

the following plans:

Following tests of our business continuity plans w/c 2nd March, Unilink Group companies are

working from home with over 90% of staff homeworking linked by Zoom, Teams, Slack, diverted

phones and support software as appropriate.

During the business continuity tests Unilink provided support without customers being aware

that we were operating from home offices. Unilink is providing a normal support service and

you, our customers, should not be aware of the changed circumstances.

 Where onsite visits are required Unilink will arrange those visits subject to there being low

risk of staff infection and minimal contact. Staff will adhere to customers’ Covid-19 policies

for visitors.

 Normal business meetings will continue but will be arranged by Zoom rather than face to


 Unilink continues to recruit staff, take on new business and plan projects subject to the

constraints of the necessary restrictions introduced by the pandemic.

I would like to reassure our customers and suppliers that the Unilink Group of companies are

financially stable with long term contracts from central government departments providing reliable

revenue streams. Unilink Group will continue operating, as far as possible normally, throughout the

period of the virus emergency.

If there is any other way in which Unilink can help, please get in touch.

Francis Toye

CEO – Unilink

18th March 2020


Email a Prisoner has the following goals:

  • To help family and friends communicate easily and frequently with Prisoners.  
  • To reduce thoughts of self-harm/suicide through increased communication.
  • To assist Prisoners in preparation for release with multiple partner agencies.

Communication is a major factor in Prison life and the lack of it can have horrendous consequences. Email a Prisoner offers a quick, efficient, secure alternative method of communication for Prisoners, their families, friends, legal professionals and related organisations - meaning Prisoners can receive more frequent and varied communication.

Documentation continually states Prisoners who are able to maintain family ties are 6 times less likely to re-offend.

Email a Prisoner are proud sponsors of Prison Chat UK and Prisoners Pen Friends

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