Who uses our service?

(Below) - this is what they say!

Primarily family and friends are the main users, however with an increase in the number of foreign national prisoners we have broadened the lines of communication for all.

We have a growing number of legal professionals, organisations and agencies - listed below - who benefit from our service, while saving time and money maintaining contact.

The service benefits:

  • Probation Services

  • Resettlement Agencies

  • Legal Professionals

  • Drug & Alcohol Councillors

  • Housing Advise Agencies

  • Youth Offending Teams

  • Official Prison Visitors

  • Social Services

  • Self Help Organisations

  • Family Help and Support Agencies

  • Employments Services

  • Educational bodies and institutes

  • Court Services

  • Recognised Prison Pen Pal Co-ordinators

  • Mentoring Bodies

  • Charitable Organisations

  • Even the Police benefit with an account


'Unlock's Helpline provides confidential peer advice on overcoming the effects of criminal convictions. As part of this service, we regularly receive letters from people who are still in prison and are preparing for life after release. Being a small charity, emailaprisoner provides a quicker, simpler, and most importantly, more cost-effective way of communicating with these people, enabling us to provide a more efficient and and more effective service to our clients.

PS - It would be great if we could send electronic attachments.......


‘Emailaprisoner’ have provided outstanding customer service to Gema Records. Whenever we have needed assistance, which in itself is rare, they have been very responsive and extremely helpful.

Our communication with our prison customers has been considerably enhanced by the ‘emailaprisoner’ service to the extent that is an integral part of our business process. It allows us to respond to customer queries rapidly leading to additional sales and, in addition, we can also keep our customers updated on the progress of their orders etc.

Overall, it is an invaluable means of communication...............


Thames Valley Probation users:

 I'm a regular user and a great fan of this really useful service, 

I found the email a prisoner service very useful as it allows staff to communicate with prisoners much more quickly than they could by standard post. The only negative aspect is that there were occasions when certain prisons did not yet have the system in place. 

I've used it quite a lot .... brilliant service! 

It's very user friendly - and reliable.  I found that in the past I would not always answer letters from prisoners in a timely manner, and there were times when I could have (or should have) written, but didn't because writing a letter takes so much more effort.  Also, it's quicker than the post. 

I have found it incredibly useful, particularly because I am part time and need to get messages to some of my cases in prison more quickly than a letter and get a response back from them via a phone call before the end of the week.   Only negative is that it isn't in all prisons! 

I've found it really useful, it seems to be a far quicker way of contacting prisoners than writing and as far as I know my emails have reached the recipients. 

No negatives.  It is a very useful and quick way to contact offenders when they are in prison.  I believe family members also use the tool which they really appreciate as they find it a good way to keep in contact with family members.